Non-Surgical Bunion Treatment

Friday, May 20th, 2011

Non-Surgical Bunion Treatment is highly recommended for people who are not suffering intense pain or severe deformities from their bunions. As you probably already know, there is more than one way to treat bunions and one of them is the Non-Surgical Bunion Treatment.

This article will give you information on what’s the best Non-Surgical Bunion Treatment for the type of bunion problem you’re having.

Different Non-Surgical Bunion Treatment

For Wrong Foot Structures

Insoles are the first ones recommended for correcting poor foot structures. Since most bunions are caused by a wrong way of walking, insoles aim to correct this problem by making sure that the patient maintains a good foot posture and placement when walking or doing anything with their feet.

For Reduction of Bunion

Almost all patients get treatment to reduce the size of their bunion. However, this may vary upon the nature of your bunion – whether they’re formed by the joints of the big toe sticking out of place, inflamed bone and surrounding tissues, or growth of a new bone that has been deformed.

Acupuncture is one of the most home treatment methods done by many patients to lessen the size of their bunions. There’s also a type of food preparation called “Bunion Diet” which mainly consists of food that will influence that size of your bunion. Some of the food advised is yellow/orange-colored fruits and vegetables, aromatic herbs, shrimps, lamb, coconut, sweat potatoes and many others.

Epsom Salts are also recommended for foot baths. Oil massage is also now popular among bunion patients to lessen the pain and the size of the bunion.

non-surgical bunion treatment

Other Non-Surgical Bunion Treatment

For Prevention of Worsening

This mainly includes wearing of recommended footwear – no to high heels. Flat and comfortable shoes and sandals are highly recommended.

For Reduction of Pain and Swelling

This includes anti-inflammatory drugs and herbs. Examples of Anti-inflammatory drugs are Naproxen, Salicylic Acid, Advil, Ibuprofen and Demerol. Herbs like Marigold are also recommended by naturopathists to reduce the pain caused by bunion due to its anti-inflammatory properties. Herbal alternatives are known non-surgical bunion treatment.

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